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MirrorSEAL is a state of the art, continuous filament, single-ply, fluid-applied roofing system that is stronger, lighter and easier to apply. Unlike most roofing systems, MirrorSEAL is an adhesive sealant, not a plug and fill product, and more energy efficient then ordinary roofing systems. It was developed after 4 1/2 years of testing, and thousands of chemical formulations.
The Flat Roof Solution
Installation is Easy as 1 . 2 . 3!
Environmentally Friendly
Superior Roofing System
Performance and Advantages

Chemically Different
MirrorSEAL's unique performance characteristics are based on a polymer chemistry that is amorphous, rather than crystalline, in nature. Crystalline liquids dry to a bed of thousands of tiny individual crystals, which can separate under maintenance traffic, temperature variations, or normal building flexion. Amorphous chemistries process a random molecular structure, drying to a fibrous, continuous film, with 25 times the elasticity of fiberglass felt.

Performance Characteristics

High Strength to Weight
The MirrorSEAL Superior Roofing System was developed with space age characteristics-unusual strength combined with weight that is up to 90% less than competing products. Combining a penetrating base coat with the spun-bond, continuous-filament polyester backbone fabric MIRRORFAB-weighing but 2.2 oz/sq. yd. (75 gr/m)- the complete system including reflective topcoat is no thicker than a dime, yet is strong enough to support a footprint-sized weight in excess of 3500 pounds (1589 kg) before bursting.

Dimensional Stability
MirrorSEAL, when bent, returns to its precise linear dimensions within a ± tolerance. It remains 99% dimensionally stable throughout its useful life. This linear flexing without cracking or dimensional changes facilitates MirrorSEAL's installation around cooler bases, exhaust chimneys and up parapets, and assures a continuous self-flashing, weather resistant seal over the entire roof's surface.

Fire Resistant
The MirrorSEAL Superior Roofing System offers an additional benefit to commercial and residential users in dry or fire-prone areas. While no lightweight roofing material is firePROOF, MirrorSEAL has no flash point. Should an outside flame be applied directly to the roof's surface, the material itself will deteriorate, but will not ignite.

After years in the sun, or of enduring climatic extremes, petroleum-based roofing matter can become brittle, and crack. MirrorSEAL has been formulated specifically to withstand the searing heat of the Arizona deserts while retaining inherent structural flexibility. To date, industrial and residential applications have undergone in excess to 105,120 hours of continuous exposure to the desert climate, including day/night temperature variations of 60 degrees (16º C) without failure and without embrittling.

Moisture Proof
The MirrorSEAL continuous-filament, single-ply, fluid applied superior roofing system provides one of the most efficient long-life moisture barriers available in the industry today, with a moisture-vapor transmission rate of just 0.94 perms per mil.

No Added Plasticizers or Flame Retardants
The flexible, non-combustive qualities of the MirrorSEAL, Superior Roofing System are inherent in the product's chemical formulation, and remain properties of the cured film throughout its life. Some competitive coatings contain plasticizers and flame retardant additives, which leach out over time, causing the coating to become brittle and crack, permitting moisture to penetrate substrate materials.

Long Life, Little Labor
Direct roofing costs can be divided into two categories, materials and labor. Labor traditionally Constitutes the greater percentage of such costs.
MirrorSEAL was designed to reduce labor costs by:
  • 1) Permitting application by unskilled labor, with hand tools only.
  • 2) Lasting longer than ordinary roofs.
  • 3) Its ability to be applied over virtually any sound old-roof surface, without expensive tear-off procedures.
  • 4) Its inherent ease of maintenance. Should wear of surface fissures occur for any reason, they are readily repaired by one individual with a container of MirrorSEAL, a paint brush and MIRRORFAB fabric.

Performance Characteristics

Proving-Ground Tough
While MirrorSEAL is a space age chemical formulation, it is a fully tested product. It was derived after carefully documenting the performance characteristics of over 1,200 individual compounds. It has been "torture-tested" by such unusual applications as swimming pool walls and hot muffler patches. It has been proven in actual use throughout the United States and abroad under the most rigorous climatic conditions, and tested effective from subfreezing to searing desert temperatures. When used according to factory recommendations, it simply does not fail.

Energy Savings

Traditional roofs do more than divert the elements. In the past, they have also served as heat sinks, absorbing the sun's heat and redistributing it throughout building interiors-to the distress of occupants and the delight of utility companies. MirrorSEAL was formulated as both insulator and reflector designed to maintain comfortable interior temperatures at reduced utility cost. Formal testing indicates a solar reflectance for the product of 82.2%, more than three times greater than gravel-coat asphalt. As a result interior temperatures are reduced by up to 30ºF (17º C) and roof expansion and contraction are held to minimum. In addition to this uniquely high reflectance capability, the MirrorSEAL Superior Roofing System features an insulating factor only slightly less than products up to 20 times its thickness. MirrorSEAL roofs have reduced interior temperatures by as much as 30 degrees in retrofit applications. Should design requirements dictate, the product is available in the full spectrum of colors. Reflective characteristics will vary with the color density selected. Check with your MirrorSEAL representative for specific information.




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